Legal briefs.

Legal briefs.

To Report or Not to Report a Petroleum Spill:

Environmental attorney John Kolaga wants you to know: In New York, the Rules, They are A-Changing Every person who works with petroleum products in their business should know that, if you have a spill, you need to report it, and fast.  The failure to report a petroleum spill in a timely way can result in large… Read More

Vaccines Now Mandatory for Health Care Workers

New York healthcare workers are now required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Effective August 26, 2021, all employers of health care workers must mandate that their personnel receive a full COVID-19 vaccination. Employers should pay close attention to the new regulations as they have significantly changed the landscape of the healthcare industry in New York State.… Read More

Business Succession Planning Revisited: Advice in the Era of COVID-19

Rupp Baase Partner, Jamie Batt and Tronconi Segarra & Associates’ Managing Partner, Jim Segarra, discussed succession planning and selling/buying a business in the time of COVID-19 during a live webinar in May, hosted by the Family Business Center at Niagara University. Click here to view their slide presentation. If you would like to set up… Read More

2021 Ride For Roswell

Although we cannot ride together or have a post-ride party under the tent like we’ve done pre-covid for 9 years, Rupp Baase will have a “team” and will support anyone who registers for our team by donating $75 for each registrant! The Rupp Baase team is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to join! Not… Read More

COVID Restrictions Lifted and HERO Act Amendments: Are Businesses in the Clear?

As was much anticipated following Governor Cuomo’s prior declaration that most COVID restrictions would be lifted if New York State reached the threshold mark of 70% of those age 18 and older having at least one vaccination shot, the Governor excitedly followed through on his promise by lifting COVID restrictions in commercial and social settings,… Read More

Are you prepared for your company’s cybersecurity attack?

Join us on Wednesday, June 16th for a complimentary webinar from 9:00am-10:00am. Our experienced panel answers your questions on what business owners should know to protect their company from cyber attacks. Panelist & Topics Holly Hubert, Global Security IQ: Cybersecurity best practices for your business Fraser McIntyre, Stahlka Agency: Cybersecurity insurance coverage for your business… Read More

Business Succession Planning – Insightful Tips

On Tuesday, May 4th from 8:15a.m.— 9:30a.m. Jamie Batt partners with Niagara University’s Family Business Center and Jim Segarra, of Tronconi Segarra & Associates for a virtual presentation discussing Business Succession Planning Advice in the Era of COVID. Many business owners and potential purchasers are considering whether now is a good time to sell or… Read More

28.6 Billion Dollar Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Our business law team is dedicated to helping the hard-hit restaurant business owners stay informed of post COVID opportunities to recover and to thrive. The American Rescue Plan Act Established a $28.6 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) within the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). As of today, April 1, 2021 there is limited guidance available… Read More

Can the C-Suite and Directors Be Held Personally Liable for Environmental Violations?

Environmental attorney John Kolaga discusses personal liability for corporate officers. Corporate officers and directors carry an exorbitant amount of responsibilities. Given these challenges, it is sometimes easy to forget that environmental issues involved with running a corporation can loom large, if overlooked. Solving environmental problems – complying with detailed regulations and addressing spills into the… Read More

Clarifying the Sexual Harassment Standard in New York

There has been a lot of reporting lately on what the legal standard is for sexual harassment claims in New York in light of the recent allegations of three women against Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Matt Miller and James O’Connor clarify the current state of New York law in this area. There are two primary laws… Read More

Environmental Attorney John Kolaga discusses TENORM in WNY

John Kolaga, NYSBA Environmental Committee Member, is presenting The “New Normal” for TENORM (Technically-Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) in New York, on Thursday, February 25th. The environmental practice in Western New York continues to evolve, with its industrialized legacy driving the need for practitioners to stay on top of regional-based considerations. This program highlights a… Read More

What to Consider if You Are Thinking of Incorporating Bitcoin Into Your Business

Jon Pierowicz‘s practice focuses on innovative companies at the forefront of their respective industries. The recent disclosure of Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment in bitcoin (“BTC”)[1] has served as an exclamation point to the growing institutional acceptance of BTC as a credible store of value, akin to cash reserves or gold. This trend has advanced partially… Read More

Gestational Surrogacy is finally legal in New York State! Now What?

Our passionate fertility and surrogacy team Jamie Batt, Elizabeth DiPirro, Micelle Graham, and Keli Iles-Hernandez understand well beyond just the legalities. If this article makes a connection with you or someone you love. Let’s Talk #FamilyLaw #PeopleAtLaw Attorney Advertising

Update: NYSDOL New COVID-19 Leave Guidance

New York State’s Department of Labor (“NYSDOL”) recently issued new Quarantine Leave guidance that affects all employers, regardless of size. Back in March 2020, New York State enacted legislation that forced employers to provide job-protected leave for any employees who become subject to a mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine/isolation due to COVID-19. That mandate subsequently was modified to… Read More

Identifying Void, Unenforceable, or Alarming Contract Provisions

Join Dan Sarzynski and Niagara Frontier Construction Financial Management Association for a virtual conversation on contract negotiations. He’ll be discussing topics such as: Pay-if-paid provisions Indemnity provisions Lien waiver and lien exhaustion provisions No-damage-for delay provisions Dispute resolution provisions Venue provisions This virtual session will take place on Tuesday, February 23rd, 8am – 9am. (Zoom… Read More