Whatever your family is going through, our Divorce & Family Law team, led by Elizabeth DiPirro, will be there with you—every step of the way. We’ll arm you with critical insight. We’ll empower you to make decisions in your family’s best interests. And together, we’ll move your family forward.

Our focus areas.

Making the decision to end your marriage is draining enough, even if you’re pursuing an amicable method, like mediation or collaborative divorce. Now, you have to live through it. Our team is here for you. We listen and learn what’s most important to you, and stay in close contact as we work through everything from splitting retirement and pension plans (QDROs) to making post-divorce judgement modifications.

Happiness, security, and overall wellbeing. Three things all children deserve, and exactly what we’re striving for in every child custody case our team takes on. As your child grows up and circumstances change, we’ll be there to fight for your child’s best interests.

The hardest part of getting a prenup or postnup is figuring out if you should get a prenup or a postnup. We’ll guide you through important considerations and give you the tools you need to make the right decision and put the right pieces in place.

The waiting game begins the moment you decide you want to adopt. The day your child comes home can never come soon enough. Our team will keep you informed at every turn, so you’re never left wondering.

Your dedicated team.

Led by Elizabeth DiPirro, the Divorce & Family Law team at Rupp Baase takes a collaborative approach to every case we take on. Get to know them by watching this video, then head to the bottom of the page to get in touch.

“Our cases have to move. We have to get them done. We have to bring people relief, because they can’t continue to live in limbo for long.”

Compassion for her clients—that’s what guides Elizabeth DiPirro. She sees families through difficult divorce, child custody, and adoption cases. Throughout her 20-year career in family law, she’s been named to the Upstate New York Super Lawyers list for six years running.

“People will tell me things in confidence that even their closest friends don’t know. It’s an awesome responsibility, people putting that kind of trust in you.”

Mike’s divorce and family law philosophy can be summed up in three words: listen and learn. Since being admitted to practice in 2010, he’s handled countless contested divorce and post-divorce matters in Supreme Court, as well as custody, child support, and child protective matters in family court.

Michael Colletta - Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“The families I work with are facing some of the most difficult, emotional, and high-stress moments of their lives. It’s this understanding that drives my dedication to seeing them through to the other side of their situation..”

The relationship and trust that we build together is supported by deep courtroom experience and the negotiating and drafting property settlement and separation agreements, as well as the handling of nuanced financial issues. Beyond divorce and post-judgment maintenance, I also work with the team here at Rupp Baase on prenup preparation, qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), child custody agreements, and enforcing previous court orders. 

“Elizabeth truly cared about my matter and was available to help me in more ways than most attorneys. She went above and beyond. Dedicated, smart, diligent, aggressive, and attentive. I couldn’t ask for more.”

— Jennifer, divorce client

“Michael is professional, and his patience is unwavering. He answered phone calls and emails and set up conferences to assure information was correct and we were on the same page. I am grateful for his guidance, support, and generosity in helping me get through my dispute.”

— Dave, child custody client

“When you are going through a divorce, no matter how simple or complex, having a lawyer you have full confidence in is the best gift you can give yourself. When Michael took my case, everything was answered immediately, and the answers were helpful, concise, and caring. Not only were they in my best interest, every detail was laid out for me.”

— Lauren, divorce client

Let’s move your family forward

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